Red Ball – 7 and under


In our Red Ball classes, players use slower balls, smaller courts, and shorter racquets which enable players to play the game from the first lesson. Players start to play fun, team-based matches, while developing sending and receiving skills, coordination, and the basic tennis strokes.  Scoring and point play are also introduced.




Orange Ball – 10 and under

In Orange Ball, our players move to a larger court relevant to their size. The ball is slightly faster but continues to provide an optimal strike zone. Students continues to work on developing ore complex coordination skills with a focus on speed and multi-directional footwork.  Players will develop and understanding of the flight and spin of the ball and will be introduced to doubles game play and net game play.




Green Balls – 12 and under

In our Green Ball classes, players use the “green” ball, which is faster than the orange ball but still slower and lower bouncing than a standard ball.  This helps players to continue to develop good technique and to implement basic tennis game tactics.  Players are introduced to a spin second serve as they develop the ability to combine consistency and accuracy with shot depth and a variety of shot pace and spin.


Junior Team Tennis Orange Ball – 10 and under

This program is for the competitive orange ball player and requires instructor approval. These players have experience with lessons and match play. Focus in JTT orange practices will be on more competitive drills to enhance understanding of singles and doubles game situations while continuing to develop the players’ ground strokes, serve, and net game. This program offers match play against other clubs.

Junior Team Tennis Green Ball – 12 and under

The green ball junior team tennis program also requires instructor approval and is for competitive players who have had previous lesson and match play experience. Green ball players will continue to work on stroke production through developing racquet head speed. They will also enhance their net game skills and work on loading and recovery. More advanced strategies for singles and doubles will be introduced. This program offers match play against other clubs.

Junior Development – 18 and under

LGSRC’s Junior Development Program continues to develop the tennis athlete and will continue to build on the foundation set by participation in previous Green and Orange level programs. Players will be working on developing an individual game style while improving defensive and offensive footwork. They will use the yellow ball. Clinics will consist of athletic skill development, technical and tactical development through live ball game play, and dead ball drills to improve footwork. Junior Development has both a recreation and competitive level, where players can choose to play in interclub matches through USTA Junior Team Tennis

Junior Performance – 18 and under

Junior Performance is for the competitive 18U player at LGSRC. Players should have tournament experience and should be playing for a school team. Players in the Performance Program will continue to work on developing their individual game style with the focus on developing a weapon. Emphasis will be placed on winning tactics and strategy, effective shot selection, sound footwork in offensive and defensive situations, and proper tennis specific conditioning. Clinics will include live ball play, both cooperative and competitive, video analysis, athletic development, and a strength and conditioning component. Players can participate in USTA Junior Team Tennis and/or USTA Tournaments. Instructor approval is required prior to admittance to Jr. Performance.