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Los Gatos Swim and Racquet club team of certified trainers by NASM – National Academy of Sports Medicine, specialized in all aspects of training, are here to help you get to that next level of fitness, and achieve your physical conditioning objectives.

We are confident that our certified staff, combined with our latest of fitness equipment, are able to offer you the depth and the breadth of fitness you need to lose those 10 pounds, to run those 5 miles, or finally add that definition to your body that you have been planning.

With over 50 years of industry experience, we understand what it takes to win that marathon, to place in that triathlon, or to just live a physically active healthy life – And we have the experts, the equipment, and the programs to satisfy you.

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New Member Start Up Program


Getting the most benefit from your membership

We realize how intimidating and confusing it can be when you decide to join a fitness center and begin exercising. The Los Gatos Swim & Racquet Club is committed to ensure that your membership experience is a positive one which is why we developed the New Member Start Up Program, our complimentary service, with your membership. Our 3 step new member program is designed to provide you the necessary tools to reach your personal health and wellness goals.  The New Member Start Up Program consists of 3 fifty minute sessions with a Certified Personal Trainer.


Session 1 – Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

Your journey begins with a personalized health assessment conducted by a member of our Personal Training team. The results of this assessment are used to provide you with a personalized exercise plan to meet your individual needs. All strength training and athletic performance enhancing programs are designed based on a comprehensive and individualized kinetic chain assessment.  This head-to-toe fitness and performance evaluation assesses and individuals strengths and weaknesses in the areas of:

  • Posture
  • Strength
  • Flexibility / Movement screening
  • Skin fold body composition analysis to measure percentage of body fat

The Assessment will allow the Certified Trainer to develop a plan based on the members goals, needs, wants and abilities.  The Assessment is not intended to be a workout but a fact finding mission that will allow the Trainer to create the best plan possible for the member.

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Session 2 – The Workout

Session 2 is to be conducted one to two days after the first session and consists of the Certified Personal Trainer taking the member through their customized workout which is based on their Assessment.  The member will leave with good working knowledge of all the exercises performed, a workout card to help track progress, and a two week plan which includes cardiovascular training.

Session 3 – Reassessment and Follow Up

The third session is to take place ten to fourteen days after the second session.  That should give the member enough time to use their two week plan, progress from it, and be ready for reevaluation and a possible updated workout.  The New Member Start Up Program gives members knowledge of their body’s unique response to exercise and which exercises are right for them and which aren’t.