Heather Estrada

Heather h17 years teaching and is committed to offering yoga for everybody. Each class is well rounded, addressing head to toe. Access our innate sense of freedom. Reduce stress. Optimize physical health.

Heather offers yoga postures for all levels of mobility making class accessible to everybody. Breathing techniques, physical & mental posturing are offered to focus and calm the mind; benefitting our everyday life. A wide variety of practices are presented depending on the needs of practitioners. She has experience providing restorative, power, pre/post natal, senior yoga. As well as therapeutic yoga that adapts postures to bodies dealing with disease, or have special needs. She also shares meditative practices.

Heather is dedicated to raising mental and physical fitness levels through insight into our mind and body by deepening self awareness, purifying our bodies systems, and building the physical body.


  • Gentle Yoga

Education & Certifications:

  • 500 hour certified yoga teacher and educator