Children six years of age and under must be under direct supervision while at the club. If a child is not accompanied by a parent, babysitter or nanny they must be in childcare.

Children ages seven to thirteen may use the Club without direct supervision as long as a parent or guardian is on the premises. These children may use the Members Lounge, lawn area, and playground.

Children are allowed in the Group Exercise room only during a scheduled children’s fitness class. Children are not allowed in the Fitness or Cardio rooms at any time.

Kids’ Club Health Guidelines

Kid’s Club staff will assess each child’s health upon arrival. The staff may use discretion in accepting a child who shows signs of illness. If a child has any of the symptoms outlined in the Health Guidelines listed in the Kid’ s Club or if symptoms occur while the child is at Kid’s Club, we will request that you take your child home.

Please inform Kid’s Club if your child has been exposed or in contact with any contagious conditions.

Kid’s Club staff can not administer any medication.  The staff can administer diaper rash cream and sunblock if a release form has been filled out by the parent.

Parents must accept the judgment of the staff regarding health guidelines listed in the Kid’s Club. The same guidelines also apply to Kid’s Club Staff so that they do not infect children or other staff. The goal of LGSRC and Kid’s Club is to promote a safe environment for healthy and happy kids!

Please contact us at (408) 356-2136, or email for additional information or any questions you may have.