yoga-instructorYoga is a dynamic form of physical exercise. Best known for it ability to release physical and emotional tension in the body and mind, yoga can also improve circulation, respiration, cardiovascular health, digestion, and promote good posture and coordination.

Regular practice develops physical strength and fitness, endurance, flexibility, and a relaxed state of mind.

Within Yoga, there are several different styles to practice. All styles are geared toward developing the body’s strength and well being, increasing flexibility, balance and stamina and most importantly bringing a release of tension both physically and emotionally.

Yoga is a practice for tuning into the “inner self” and discovering the intimacy and power of knowing one’s body, mind and spirit well.

We offer daily classes to fit into your busy schedule. Our yoga instructors offer different styles of Hatha Yoga to compliment your personal fitness plan.

Beginning Yoga

Beginning Yoga is a class for those to new Yoga, or coming back to their practice.

Gentle in design, this class will teach the fundamentals of yoga with emphasis on relaxation techniques. This is a perfect place to start your practice before experimenting with some of our more challenging classes. Good for beginners and all levels practiced.

Eclectic Yoga

Eclectic Yoga Class is always different, so you’ll never know quite what to expect. It will combine many styles of yoga, including Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Bikram, Yin, gentle, restorative and meditation techniques.

It will always be challenging to the body/mind and geared towards exercising in spirit!

All levels of practice are welcome, although some experiences in Yoga are helpful.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga is taught in the styles of yin, restorative, gentle and Hatha yoga and is conducted in a much slower format than our traditional classes.

Expect an easy stretch and yogic conditioning class designed to move the body gently and soothe stiff muscles/joints with an awareness to stress reduction, healing and meditation, breath work and relaxation are a vital part of this class.

Great for all levels of practice, but especially for those new to yoga.

Private Yoga

Enjoy the benefits of yoga in private or semi-private lessons.  Additional fees apply.  For rates information, please click here.  You may also contact us at (408) 356-2136, or email Deborah Rothschild, Group Exercise Director at for additional information.

Vinyassa Yoga

Sometimes called Power or Ashtanga Yoga, this energetic and flowing class builds heat and detoxifies the body through a challenging series of sun salutations and yoga poses.

The class builds strength, endurance and flexibility in the body and the mind. Students will actively combine poses (asanas) with deep breath work (pranayama), Gestures (mudras), focus (dristi) and bodily contractions (bandhas).

Work at your own pace, this practice is quite athletic building stamina and physical strength. Be prepared to sweat and get your heart rate up!

Not for beginners, experience required.

Yin Yoga

A mellow class conducted mainly on the floor with props, quiet music and inspirational reading. Yoga poses are held for very long period of time, typically (3-5) minutes.

Deep stretching of the connective tissue achieved while gently stimulating energy meridians and letting go of stress.

Results of this practice are known to be similar to those achieved by acupuncture treatments.

Yoga Fundamentals

A gentle approach to Yoga. All levels welcome.