zumba classThe Club offers a wide variety of group exercise classes seven days a week. The monthly schedule can be found inside the club’s newsletter “The Racqueteer” or on our website under “Schedule & Brochures“. Additional copies of the schedule are also available at the Front Desk.

To add variety and balance to members’ exercise program, specialty classes such as Pilates, masters’ swimming, aqua aerobics, etc., are offered. These classes and times are also listed on the monthly schedule.  For the Pilates Fundamentals class, there is an additional charge.

Please note that instructors listed on the schedule are subject to change.  You may call Front Desk at (408)356-2136 to check for any substitute instructors for the week.

Group Exercise Classes

Aqua Combo

Aqua Combo class combines cardio movements in Shallow and Deep water to give you a total body workout. This class is designed for all fitness levels. These classes are 60 minutes in length.


A high intensity and endurance based 30 minute workout.  It utilizes a 3-2-1 approach: 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio, and 1 minute of core.  You will shred fat, define muscle, transform the look of your entire physique and dramatically enhance your overall health and athletic performance.  Before the blast begins, all the moves are previewed and practiced for an awesome warm-up.


Bootcamp will improve your physique, cardiovascular fitness, tone muscles, reduce stress, improve mood and self-confidence, improve agility and power, burn calories, increase flexibility, enhance strength and stamina.

Cardio Sculpt

Cardio Sculpt is a combination of cardiovascular and strength training using the Step, Body Bars exercise tubing, and dumbbells.

This 60-minute workout challenges all your major muscle groups by using the best weight-room exercises like squats, presses, lifts and curls. Great music, awesome instructors and your choice of weight equipment inspire you to get the results you came for!

Group Cycling

This non-impact adventure will take you through hill climbs, sprints, jumps, pacing and interval training — all on your stationary bike. This class will significantly increase the strength of your lower body. You work at your own fitness level. 60 minute classes.

We recommend heart rate monitors to get the most out of this exhilarating cardio workout!

Pilates Mat

Improve core control, coordination, standing alignment and balance with Pilates mat exercises. There are 20 different movement phases, which are performed seated, on your back, side or front. Emphasis is on precise alignment, breathing and efficient sequencing of movement, also aimed at stretching and strengthening the “core” muscles, back, buttocks and abdomen.

Pilates can help improve your posture.  All exercises performed on an exercise mat, 60-75 minutes.

For more information on Pilates in general, click here.

Power Sculpt

Power Sculpt is powerful total body workout, with emphasis on increasing your strength by using weights, Body Bars and many repetitions. This class will help you SCULPT your body.

Advanced Power Sculpt is similar to the Power Sculpt class, but it includes more intensity and more repetitions. This is a challenging class of 60 minutes of pure POWER!!


Qigong practice will teach you soothing, easy-to-learn exercises for lasting health and vitality. The sharpness of the mind, the strength of the body, and the clarity of the spirit are all essential for health and vitality. Qigong exercises work on all three. Qigong training combines the graceful movements, breathing, and visualization to form energy building exercises. These practices are so effective that in China, Qigong is prescribed for ailments and illnesses as readily as medicine is administered in the West. These practices are so effective that for centuries martial artists have used these exercises toempower their fighting and athletic abilities. Qigong is a great way to cross train for any sport, and is suitable
for all ages and levels of fitness and coordination. These classes are 75 minutes long.

Senior Conditioning

Senior Conditioning class focuses on cardio conditioning, balance, agility, core strengthening, resistance, and flexibility training. Helps improves overall body and mind health. All ages welcome.


Step/Sculpt is a great lower body workout using the Step. This class gives you a good cardio workout and combines weight training also.


U-Jam Fitness™ unites world beats with urban flavor and takes you around the world from hip-hop to Bollywood with an intense cardiovascular workout! Easy to learn dance steps choreographed to high energy music that makes you sweat, tone your body and leaves you craving for more!


Yoga is a dynamic form of physical exercise. Best known for it ability to release physical and emotional tension in the body and mind, yoga can also improve circulation, respiration, cardiovascular health, digestion, and promote good posture and coordination.

Regular practice develops physical strength and fitness, endurance, flexibility, and a relaxed state of mind.

Within Yoga, there are several different styles to practice. All styles are geared toward developing the body’s strength and well being, increasing flexibility, balance and stamina and most importantly bringing a release of tension both physically and emotionally.

Yoga is a practice for tuning into the “inner self” and discovering the intimacy and power of knowing one’s body, mind and spirit well.

We offer daily classes to fit into your busy schedule. Our yoga instructors offer different styles of Hatha Yoga to compliment your personal fitness plan.

For a complete list of Yoga classes and their description, click here.


Are you ready to party yourself into shape? That’s exactly what the Zumba® program is all about. It’s an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness that’s moving millions of people toward joy and health.

Zumba® Fitness is the Latin-inspired dance-fitness program that blends red-hot international music, created by Grammy Award-winning producers, and contagious steps to form a “fitness-party” that is downright addictive.

Since its inception in 2001, the Zumba® program has grown to become the world’s largest – and most successful – dance-fitness program with more than 10 million people of all shapes, sizes and ages taking weekly Zumba® classes in over 90,000 locations across more than 110 countries. Zumba® movements are easy to learn and no dance experience is required!

Bring a pair of smooth (or well worn) soled supportive shoes, dance sneakers, “aerobic” shoes, or cross training shoes, and enjoy your workout.