mandatory reading for all LGSRC members

yesterday we saw months of hard work pay off big time. a front squat is a true test of strength and mobility all mixed into one. you can have all the leg strength in the world but if you can’t stay upright you’ll never be able to prove it. to all those who pr’d your front squat i applaud you. a jerk is a true test of strength, mobility and coordination. you can have all the strength in the world but if you can’t move with precision and timing you’ll never be able to prove it. to all those who pr’s your jerk i applaud you. helping people is what makes me happy. watching everyone work hard and get results is the single best thing my job as your head coach can offer me.

now lets talk about what makes me sick. today i after the 10:30 class i left for my break. when i came back at 4pm to exercise i was greeted by:

1. chalk covering giant areas on the floor and all over equipment

2. plyo boxes out of place

3. white board markers on the middle of the training floor

4. ab mats scattered

5. rowers scattered and taking up space on the training floor

i could go on but id rather not get sick again. it hurts me to think this is how i have raised our group. i want everyone to have freedom to act the way they want and for the gym to remain clean. unfortunately¬†that is about as effective as making a law that prohibits people from using cell phones while driving. so lets make some rules.¬†chalk is for hands. chalk goes on hands while your hands are in a chalk bucket. do not take chunks of chalk around with you from station to station.¬†everything has a home. when you’re done with equipment put it back where it belongs. if you don’t know where it belongs ask your coach and they will tell you. if you’re about to leave the gym for the day and there is stuff everywhere it is your responsibility to clean it up before you leave. ab mats go under the white board. plyo boxes go against the white board by the jerk blocks. markers for the board go in marker holder under the crossfit workout or on the straps by the yoga mats. last but certainly not least, DO NOT USE YOUR CELL PHONE WHILE DRIVING. that is all i can muster for now. more rants to come I’m sure. please respect your gym so when you come to exercise it is a place you want to be at.



A. 3 sets:
-muscle snatch x 8
-smr calf x 1 min each
-ankle distraction x 20 per leg

B. snatch x 1 x 5

C. 3 sets for time:
-run x 400m
-bear complex x 1