Photo: We had the pleasure of being visited by former CrossFit Games champion Jason Khalipa, 2nd place 1985 Kona Ironman finisher and local endurance coach Chris Hinshaw, regional and CrossFit Games competitors Alex Rollins, Neal Maddox, Miranda Oldroyd, and Molly Volmer.

Happy New Year! 2014 looks to be a special year for all of us at CFLGSRC.

New Coach:

As most of you already know we have added a new coach, Sara, to the club. She brings lots of great coaching experience to us as a former gymnast and a current CrossFit competitor.

Schedule/ New Classes:

We are, as of mid-January, switching the class times of Saturday morning  CircuitFit to 8am and CrossFit to 9am.

A new rotating class will be offered after the 9am CrossFit class on Saturdays from 10am-11am.The four classes that will be in the rotation for now are: Weightlifting, Nutrition, Gymnastics, and Kettle Bell. Each specialty class will be once per month.

It is important to note that your CrossFit membership also includes a Wednesday 5:30pm Strongman class taught by Brian. Ask me or Brian for any information on his class or any of the new classes.

We  are also adding a combo class at 10:30am MWF. During this hour both CrossFit and CircuitFit will be taught. Ill post the date of these new classes and class changes in the next few days. So for now the schedule is the same.


A. 3 sets:
-pull ups
-kb swing
-db press

B. clean dl x 5 x 5

C. on alternating min for 15 min:
-12 wall ball shots
-:20 jump rope
-5 ttb