Kids’ Club staff will assess each child’s health upon arrival.  The staff may use discretion in accepting a child who shows signs of illness.  If a child has the symptoms outlined in the following Health Guidelines or if symptoms occur while the child is at Kids’ Club, we will request that you take your child home.

  • COLD–a runny nose with colored discharge is the most common sign.
  • FEVER–any temperature above 99 degrees or severe subnormal temperature.
  • COUGH–any cough with mucus secretion (a wet or wheezy cough) can spread bacterial or viral infection. A dry hacking cough is normally a non-contagious allergy.
  • RASH OR SKIN IRRITATION–Poison Oak, impetigo, ring worm, cold sores, head lice, and communicable diseases such as measles, chicken pox, mumps, etc., often have rashes or itching as symptoms.
  • DIARRHEA–loose, very watery, or mucus filled stool.
  • VOMITING–recurring or projectile vomiting with a fever.
  • PINK EYE–any unusual irritation of the eye or mucus membranes.
  • ALLERGIES–if a child has allergies and is exhibiting flu symptoms but is not contagious, a doctor’s note is required for admittance to Kids’ Club.


Please inform Kids’ Club if your child has been exposed or in contact with any contagious conditions.

Kids’ Club staff cannot administer any medication, including diaper rash cream and sun block. Parents must accept the judgment of the staff regarding these guidelines.  These guidelines also apply to Kids’ Club staff so that they do not infect children or other staff. The goal of LGSRC and Kids’ Club is to promote healthy, happy kids!

Please contact us at (408) 358 – 1967 or for any additional questions you may have.