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Monthly Archives: August 2015

CrossFit Class Workout 9/1/15

A. hang power snatch x 5 x 5

B. for time:


-kb swing

-sit up


-box jump


CrossFit Class Workout 8/31/15

thinking of you, Sharon!

A. front squat w/ pause x 2 x 5

B. for time:

-row x 1 k

-double under x 100

3 rounds:

-pull up x 15

-clean x 5

CrossFit Class Workout 8/29/15

A. segment snatch 3,3,2,2

B. complete a 15 min amrap in teams of two:

-push up x 50

-slam down x 40

-db hang clean x 30

-db burpee x 20

CrossFit Class Workout 8/28/15

4 sets:

A1.  segment clean x 3,3,2,2

A2. sled push 20m x 2

B. 15 min amrap:

-box jump x 10

-kb swing x 15

-liner 15m x 10

CrossFit Class Workout 8/27/15

this video is 1 year old. i am pretty sure sean can do over a hundred now. #proud #progress

A. bench press x 3 x 5

B. 20-15-10

-pull up

-power clean + overhead

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CrossFit Class Workout 8/26/15

Kristina’s starting a mobility class every Saturday morning at 10am following the CrossFit Class.  Each class, she’ll be picking movements that we perform often, such as the front squat or pull ups.  Then, we’ll focus on the areas of the body we need to mobilize in order to improve our positions and strengthen those movements.  If you would like any more information, please e-mail Kristina at  Your input would be appreciated.  Join us for the first class on August 29th.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

A. ohs x 3 x 5

B. 4 rounds each for max reps:

-snatch dl x :15

-wall ball x 1:00

-bike x 1:30

-rest x :15

CrossFit Class Workout 8/25/15

J-Wa with a great finish!

4 sets:

A1. dip x 8

A2. ttb x :30

B. 3 sets each for time:

-run x 200m

-hang power clean x 5

-burpee x 10

-cal row x 15/12

-rest as needed

CrossFit Class Workout 8/24/15

kate on her way to a back squat pr

A. fs w/ pause x 3 x 5

B. for time:

1. double under x 50

2. “isabelle”

-power snatch x 30

3. double under x 50

CrossFit Class Workout 8/22/15


A. segment snatch x 4,4,3,2

B. complete for time in teams of two:

-plate overhead walking lunges x 100

-row x 2k

-kb swing x 75

-row x 1 k

-plate ground to overhead x 50




CrossFit Class Workout 8/20/15

zoila looking STRONG overhead

A.  segment clean x 4,4,3,2

B. 15 min amrap:

-sit up x 12

-wall ball x 10

-burpee x 8