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Monthly Archives: July 2015

CrossFit Class Workout 8/1/15

A. power clean and jerk x heavy single

B. fs x 2 x 3

C. complete for time in teams of two:

-dead lift x 20

-man maker x 20

-power clean and jerk x 40

-pull up x 40

-wall ball shot x 60

-cal bike x 60/54



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CrossFit Class Workout 7/31/15

cam! party at the borch’s on august 8th. please rsvp on the flyer at the gym asap.

A. 3 sets:

-agility ladder x 4

-gh sit up x 15

-single leg bridge x 10 per leg

B. run x 1200m

C. double under x 200

D. row x 1k

***complete B,C, and D each for time with as much rest between as needed


CrossFit Class Workout 7/30/15


A. push jerk + split jerk x 2+2 x 5

B. for time:

-cal bike x 60/54

-push press x 15

-kb swing x 50

-push press x 15

-burpee x 40

-push press x 15

***15 min time cap

CrossFit Class Workout 7/29/15

i want to start adding a picture to every post! please take photos of your classmates and send them to me. 408-603-3643

i will be posting a picture of Greg with his shirt off every day i dont have a photo from the classes. enjoy!

A. back squat x 3 x 6

B. on alternating min for 20 min:

-segment snatch x 2

-box jump over x 8

CrossFit Class Workout 7/28/15

A. 3 sets:

-ttb x :30

-side plank x :30 per side

-strict pull up x 5-8

B. every 6 min for 24 min:

-bench press x 4

-sit up x 20

-run x 400

CrossFit Class Workout 7/27/15

A. back squat x 6 x 4

B. 15 min amrap:

-clean x 5

-dl x 10

-double under x 15

CrossFit Class Workout 7/25/15

A. fs x 3,3,3,3,3

B. complete 3 rounds for time in teams of two:

-pull up x 20

-cal row x 25

-wall ball x 30


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CrossFit Class Workout 7/24/15

A. snatch balance x 5,4,3,2,1

B. snatch grip push press x 5 x 3

C. 30-20-10

-cal bike

*** complete 10 db burpee after each set of cal bike


CrossFit Class Workout 7/23/15

A. back squat x 4 x 5

B. 20 rounds for time:

-split jerk x 1, no rack

-dl x 2

-box jump x 3

CrossFit Class Workout 7/22/15

A. tall snatch x 5 x 3

B. snatch x 2 x 5

C. for time:

-row x 500m


-power snatch

-double under